Math with the littles!

With halloween just passing and fall in the air- lets connect math with pumpkins!

We are going to drill a pumpkin! Of course with inspiration of Pinterest carving and decorating pumpkins this season is in full speed. From yarn, to paint, hammer and nails, and drills you can find just about any tool or material. However, drilling a pumpkin is absolutely fun and then best way to connect math.

For the littles you might not be comfortable having your child handle a drill and that is fine- You know your child’s capabilities and you should use supervision at all times.

Choosing to do this activity with your child, supervision, teaching, and guidance is an absolute must you need to do!

Things you will need:

  1. A pumpkin
  2. Drill and bit
  3. Knife for carving the top out
  4. Candle or battery powered light of your choice to put inside the pumpkin to let it glow

First, lets cut the top open.

Push your sleeves up, you’ll want to get all the guts out of the pumpkin! Here is another way you can connect math- lets count the seeds! How many did your pumpkin hold?

Yum- lets lay them out and cook them in the oven for later!

After cutting the top open, cleaning the guts you’ll want to decided on who is going to drill.

Be creative- use any pattern you want!

Start drilling away! At the end- count how many holes your child desired to do, and look at the awesome patter glow on halloween night!


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