Lets make math, interesting!

First thing, first.. math, interesting? How can math be.. interesting? You’re thinking, Thats just not possible- you are wrong! I am about to tell you how to just exactly make the math classroom more interesting! For all ages and grades!

Most of the following things that will change about math time will take time away from your normal curriculum. You need to make a decision – do I plow through all of the topics but leave my students bored and unmotivated, or do I spend some time getting them excited about math?


First, lets make it meaningful. Many math courses suffer from the following issues:

The teachers don’t know why they are teaching particular math topics, and they often don’t know what else the students are learning in other subjects.
Together, the students don’t know why they learn those math topics, either. The common question, “Why do we have to learn this?”, is a reasonable one or “When will i ever use this again?”.

Do you have a good answer, beyond “It’s in the exam” or worse, “Because it’s good for you”?
Here is a great video i have found to make this even more interesting-

So lets look at some possible ways to fix this.

Find out where the students will use each math topic you teach such as in their science class, or other topics in school. It’s great when you can use actual examples from those other subjects and let the students know that’s where they’ll use each math topic.
Help students make connections between the math topic and the “real world”. Use real world examples while teaching.

Next, Use computers to do the drudge work.

Many math courses seem to be more about calculation rather than concepts. These days, it doesn’t make sense for humans to spend hours learning how to calculate using complicated algebra because we rely so much on technology.

As we know, computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together we are powerful beyond imagination!

For the vast majority of your students, who won’t eventually become mathematicians, it’s more important they understand the concepts and which process to use when confronted with different real life problems. They then should learn how to use computer algebra system to solve such problems.

Then, lets add a creativity to the lesson!

Students have little say in what the topics are and the exact same assignments are given to everyone. We are all creative, and we all enjoy being creative, but in most school systems creativity is discouraged.. isn’t that crazy?

There are many ways we can encourage creativity in math. Technology is one avenue – get students to use creative means to describe a mathematical concept… use a video, an animation, a diagram or perhaps a concept map!

Such individualized assignments get them thinking about the bigger picture, encourages creativity, and is more likely to generate feelings of ownership than the normal mass-produced assignment.

Use your imagination, in everything!!

More examples could be, adding more interesting questions. Many times we get a worksheet, you read the problem and you do it. Ask students directly how this relays to there life! Connect it to there lives.

Another i thought would be an interesting way would be projects! Who does projects in math? Not very often. It is always a fun way to have the students engage with using there physical motors while learning about math.

Lets change math from boring- to interesting!


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