Lets get hands on with math!

Look around you, math is EVERYWHERE!

This morning i was searching through Pinterest- just like every morning. And i came across a project i was SO interested in making. One question came to my mind- how BIG will i need this to be?

While making a mental picture of what i wanted this project to look like i also sketched down dimensions of how big a typical coffee table is. LOOK! I just used math. It is literally EVERYWHERE! As soon as i sketched a quick drawing, I also wrote down how many (again using math) pieces of wood i would need along with other supplies.

So I’ve decided to blog about.. hands on with math! Because we all want to make Pinterest projects we just need to brush up on our measuring skills and creating a plan.

First, Lets consider the typical dimensions you will use.

Consider that a coffee table is approximately 16 inches -to-24 inches high. 24 inches -to-48 inches long and (600 mm-to-1,200 mm) wide.

The parts we will be building are the four legs, a top and an apron.


The first step you will need to do is get the correct wood your for your coffee table- soft wood such as pine or birch are easier to work with.

Once we have chosen the wood you will want to cut to the correct height, in this case 16-24 Inches high. LOOK, we just used math. Here we use math with measuring out the correct length we will need our four legs to be. All the same size around.

Next, you will need to measure a square dimension in the four legs so the apron will sit at an evenly way all the way around. Looking at the thickness (math!) of the wood you choose you can determine how big or small your cut will be in the legs. Again we just used math! … its everywhere.

Make sure you measure the thickness, then measure how high off the ground you want the apron to be. That is where you will apply your cut in the wood.


Next, lets assemble the top. Pictured above, you can see the top is larger than the top. Around you will measure the top two inches longer and wider than the apron.

This is the key factor in making your table the correct way.

After cutting your top you will want to attach an “S” hook to the underneath. Connecting it to the four legs. The “S” hooks are inserted into slots cut into the apron also  by using a biscuit jointer.  Center the bottom on the table top with the table placed upside down on a flat surface. Insert the “S” hooks into the slots and attach them to the bottom of the table top using screws.

Finish your coffee table by using multiple coats of polyurethane varnish after you have sanded the table as smooth as possible using progressively finer grits of sandpaper.

Look at all the math you just used!

Measurements, the number of correct sand paper, how much varnish you will need, how many pieces of wood, you could even get creative and count how old the tree is you are using! Math is literally everywhere.

And this is exactly why when you are making a project like this, think about all the steps and mathematic equations you need to use. It’s crazy how often you really do use math!

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